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Dear Jenny: What treats are safe for my bunny?

Hey there bunny friends. This month, I’m focusing on a frequent question we get from our followers. Many people want to “treat” their bunnies with special foods, but they are afraid to give many things they see online or from other sources.

Rabbits do love their treats. Right? I get mine at bedtime, which I love. I enjoy my little treat, munch a bit of hay, sip some water, then go into my favorite tunnel to sleep. Here are some of the healthy items my human mom feeds the rabbits that live with me. Just be sure the treats you feed do not contain sugar!

Healthy hay-based treats from Selective Naturals. We like the Meadow Loops and Country Loops. These are round “donut” cookies that contain timothy hay, and carrot or thyme. They are very tasty and won’t increase my waistline! You’ll find these at Chewy, Amazon, and Small Pet Select*.

One of our HRS partners, Anna, offers wonderful herbs and treats from her shop, The Well-Kept Rabbit. I just love her little Carrot & Dill Biscuits and the Probiotic Biscuits n' Jam are something to dream about! She also creates wonderful dried herb mixes - just for bunnies! Check out her website or Etsy store!

For the older bunnies that live with us, such as Dudley and Ivy, mom needs to help them keep on weight. Look no further than your kitchen cupboard to find perfect treats that are healthy, but high in calories to help add weight. A pinch of rolled oats, or a few nuts and seeds (almond, walnut, or pumpkin) are tasty and perfect for older bunnies. Even a tablespoon of alfalfa pellets is a good option. Always make sure any nuts or seeds do not contain salt.

I hope these ideas help you find some new ideas to feed your “treat monster” at home. Enjoy and stay healthy!

*Did you know...when you use our affiliate link to shop at Small Pet Select our rescue receives a donation from your purchase? We earn 15% for each new supporter that makes a purchase and 4% on purchases from returning customers!

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