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Meet Lois!

Written and interviewed by Judith Pierce, Editor/Board Member

Lois & Bud

Lois DelGrosso is a newer volunteer at our rescue. She became an unwitting volunteer when she offered her barn as a place to temporarily take in 44 bunnies from a hoarding case that a horse rescue took in. The rescued rabbits were eventually transferred to us, as the horse rescue did not have the experience or resources to handle a rescue this size. So, there we were with all these rabbits and no place to put them. Graciously, Lois agreed they could stay in her barn and our rescue volunteer, Nicole Wieland, became the point person to manage the "barn bunnies," lending a helping hand to Lois.

I spoke to Lois recently to ask her about her volunteer experience with our rescue.

JP: How long have you been volunteering with HRR and what got you started?

Barn bunnies upon first arrival

LD: In early October 2021, I took in 44 rabbits from a local hoarding case. I expected about 12 to 15 rabbits, but you know – hoarders. I housed them in my horse barn that was unoccupied at the time.

JP: Who was your first rabbit? Tell us a little about him.

LD: One of the bunnies in the group had a serious skin condition and was determined to be unadoptable. I decided that I would adopt him and named him “Bud Light.” He is free roaming in my feed room, also known as Bud’s Place. He is a delight and binkies for everything! His favorite treat is dried goji berries and he reads my mind, knowing when I even think of giving him one. (See photo of Lois and Bud, above.)

JP: What is your favorite part of volunteering with our rescue?

Barn bunnies settled in.

LD: I love taking care of the bunnies in the barn and giving them lots of love. But the BEST part is when one gets adopted and goes to a loving family. I know they will get much more attention than I can provide, which they so deserve.

JP: How many rabbits do you have of your own?

LD: I only have my boy, Bud Light. But I do still have five remaining adoptable foster bunnies in the barn. They are Mopsy, Dora, Darla, Maya, and Suzy. All the ladies are precious cuddlers and really great with their litter boxes.

JP: What other types of activities do you enjoy?

Lois having fun with a horse named Splash.

LD: In 2020, I moved from Fort Myers Beach to North Port, so I could start a small “rescue ranch.” I now have an 8-year old hackney pony, Velvet, who is a whiz at liberty play, and a 26-year old Quarter Horse named Patriot, who loves to be groomed and ridden. In addition to the horses I have 7 “pound” pups, 4 chickens, 4 ducks, and 2 birds. In my spare time I grow fresh vegetables for the rabbits.

JP: Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

LD: I love to try different art forms without much of a plan. Life is too precious and short to not try everything. Twice.

We are always in need of volunteers to help foster, transport, and share their special skills. Click here to submit a volunteer application!

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